Troop 322 Bylaws and Operations

This page previously contained an extensive set of bylaws.

Parts of these were inconsistent with BSA policy, and so were void, since both the leaders and the Chartered Organization (United Presbyterian Church) have signed agreements with the National Council to provide the program in accordance with BSA policies.  (See  the adult application and the charter application.)

Other parts were obsolete and no longer followed.

The following extracts remain important as a description of how Troop 322 operates until a revised set of bylaws is adopted.  The entire previous text has been preserved and is available for the reference of the Troop Committee in developing any bylaws needed to operate the Troop.

Sam Mize, Scoutmaster 2015


It is the intent for Troop 322 to operate under the guidelines established by the National Office of the Boy Scouts of America, Circle 10 Council and the Tawakoni District. Our objective is to offer an opportunity for youth to learn by participating in an organization that strives to develop strong character, strong leadership abilities, habits, and attitudes of good citizenship, good sportsmanship, team spirit and pride in growing strong in mind and body.

Troop 322 was first chartered in the 1960s and has been in continuous existence ever since. During this period of time the troop has had many different Scoutmasters who have given their time, talent and personal interest in the furthering of the Scouting ideals. As of 2003, there have been approximately 40 Eagle Scouts who have graduated from its ranks – a testimony to the program and the commitment of its leaders. With this continuing commitment to the Scouting program, we hope to instill qualities of leadership and character that will help guide Scouts for the rest of their lives.

Troop 322 strongly supports the B.S.A. concept of a boy-led Troop.

Troop meetings start promptly at 7:00 p.m. and end promptly at 8:30 p.m. Boy Scout troops, unlike Cub Packs, meet all year around. Refer to the annual calendar and other troop communications for further information.

The Boy Scout Handbook is required at each meeting. Every attempt will be made to dismiss the Troop on time, but, on occasion, activities or cleanup may run over. Parents are asked to bear with the Scoutmaster so that each Scout can complete activities and his share of cleanup tasks.

Patrol meetings are held as needed during weekly Troop meetings. These meetings are directed by the Patrol Leader, and are used to plan the Patrol’s part in Troop activities.

{Note from Mr. Mize: patrols can have additional meetings and activities with Scoutmaster approval, per BSA policy)

The Court of Honor is one of the most important family gatherings for the Troop. This is a time when the Scouts are recognized for their achievements over the past several months. . It is very important that parents attend the Court of Honor to encourage their sons as they progress in Scouting.


Mondays Regular troop meeting 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Monday after campout Patrol Leaders’ Council (PLC) 6:00-6:30 p.m.
Troop Committee meeting 6:30-8:00 p.m.
(No regular troop meeting on night of PLC)
As Required Court of Honor (two times per year)

Note: The date, time and location should remain constant but may change due to special activity requirements or conflicts that cause adult leaders to be unavailable.

(Note from Mr. Mize: the bylaws previously described a “troop leadership council” more extensive than a Patrol Leaders’ Council.  Our current practice is to use the PLC in accordance with BSA policy.)


Generally, the troop will participate in camping activities at least once a month. Scouts are encouraged to attend as many campouts as possible to learn and apply Scouting skills.

Troop 322 will camp in all types of weather. Safety of the Scouts is the foremost consideration during all outings so unnecessary risks are never taken. It will be up to the discretion of the adult leadership as to whether the campouts will be called off due to weather.


When treks to Philmont are available, the maximum crew size is 12. Up to 9 Scouts will be included. In order to insure 2-deep leadership, 3 adults will make up the rest of the crew. Up to 2 alternates will also be selected, in case one of the first 9 Scouts cannot attend.

To be eligible to join a Philmont crew, a Scout must meet the following requirements:

  • Either complete 8th grade before the trek, or
  • Be 14 by January prior to the trek.
  • Must have earned the rank of Star before the trek.

If more than 9 Scouts that meet these requirements want to go on the trek, the following priorities will apply:

  • First priority will be given to Scouts who have not yet participated in a Philmont trek
  • Second priority will be given to older Scouts who may not have another chance to go to Philmont
  • Third priority will be given to Scouts who are active, show maturity according to expectations during the activities, have the physical abilities to make the challenging trek, meet the Philmont weight requirements, and rank.

Final selection will be determined by the Troop Committee with input from the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters.


Special Council, District and Troop projects are held throughout the year with all Scouts expected to participate as a Troop. These projects vary from Scout expositions to participation in community functions such as parades and conservation projects.


The cloth rank advancement patches are awarded to the Scout following a successful board of review. This is done so the uniform can be updated when the advancement is actually achieved. The advancement card and mother’s pin are then awarded at the next Court of Honor.


Troop 322 would like to honor its Eagle Scouts in a manner befitting this high rank. These items will be provided to the Scout:

Eagle Neckerchief
Eagle Mother’s pins and Father’s tie tacks
100 Invitations
Newspaper Announcement
Cake (1/2 sheet)

Due to the significance of the Eagle rank, this achievement will have its own Court of Honor.


The merit badge patch is presented to the Scout at the next regular Scout meeting and the merit badge patch card is presented at the next Court of Honor. Scouts MUST keep the signed merit badge cards as an Eagle Board of Review may require the cards.


When a Scout reaches the rank of First Class and has been in Troop 322 for at least 4 months, he has earned the Troop Honor Scarf. The Scoutmaster may award the Troop Honor Scarf to an adult who: 1) is active in Troop meetings, activities and the Troop Committee, 2) has a Scout uniform shirt, 3) has a son who has earned a Troop Honor Scarf or has no son in the troop and has been active for four months

(Note from Mr. Mize: the Scouts also voted that scouts who have not yet reached First Class will wear the standard BSA black neckerchief.)


The Advancement Chairman maintains the records of Troop 322. The Advancement Chairman must be notified of rank advancements or merit badges completed so that they are properly recorded and awarded at the next Court of Honor. Parents or Scouts may request the latest listing of the Scout’s records.


(Note from Mr. Mize: the Troop is authorized by BSA policy to set age/rank requirements for SPL, however at our current membership levels we are not able to enforce these requirements.)

The Senior Patrol Leader office is very important to the overall operation of the troop. The Scout elected to the position should be very responsible and willing to perform the job. This office carries a high priority and the Senior Patrol Leader must treat it accordingly. He is an example to the Scouts and must conduct himself accordingly. The Senior Patrol Leader Qualifications are:

  • Age 14 minimum
  • Must be Star rank or higher
  • Must have been a member of Troop 322 for a minimum of One year
  • Must have served as Patrol Leader or Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
  • Must have participated in both long- and short-term camping with Troop 322
  • Must be able to attend 80% of troop functions
  • Must have completed basic Boy Scout Leader Training


Elections will be conducted in February and August.

Elections will be held in the following manner. Upon the closing of nominations for an office, a vote will be cast by all eligible Scouts at that time. If no Scout secures a majority of the votes on a ballot, a runoff will occur. The runoff will be between the two Scouts who received the most votes. Runoffs will continue in this manner until one of the Scouts has received a majority of the votes cast.


It is normal for equipment to wear out when there are boys and adults using it at least once a month. The troop will replace, upon the recommendation of the Troop Quartermaster, any equipment that has reached the end of its useful life.

If personal or troop equipment is damaged by intentional abuse or carelessness, the person responsible will have to replace the damaged part or the whole equipment piece as determined by the adult Quartermaster. If the person who damaged the equipment cannot be determined, then the Scout members in attendance at the outing will all share equally in the cost to replace the damaged equipment. The troop equipment should be treated with the same respect as if it were bought and paid for by the individual.


It is the policy of Troop 322 not to loan troop equipment.


Scouts are discouraged from taking money on local, short-term camping trips unless directed to do so by the Scoutmaster. Enough money to cover expenses on long-term camping trips is authorized but should not exceed expected spending requirements. Money for telephone calls is allowed. Scouts will be responsible for their own money..


(Note from Mr. Mize: fixed-blade knives are not carried on the person in Troop 322, but are kept with other tools.  One example is kitchen knives.  We carry folding knives.)

(Note from Mr. Mize: the practice of tearing off corners of the Totin’ Chip card is disallowed by current BSA policy. )


Scouts are expected to live by the Scout Law and the Scout Oath and to demonstrate Scout Sprit.

(Note from Mr. Mize: The previous long list of rules is not needed.  A Scout who needs such a detailed list needs a lot more than that.  Any behavior that threatens the safety of any Scout is cause for removal from an event if not stopped immediately.  Discipline will be maintained as directed by current BSA policy. )

  • The Scoutmaster must be notified of any Scout requiring medication, and the dosage and schedule or conditions/symptoms that would indicate how the medication should be administered.


All money raised by fund-raising projects conducted by the troop goes toward troop funds. The Troop Committee reserves the right to redirect funds to the troop budget in whatever manner best supports the Troop 322 program and goals.

Troop 322 will conduct money-raising projects throughout the year. Parents, as well as Scouts, are expected to participate in these activities. Examples include popcorn sales, pancake breakfast and spaghetti dinner.

— end —