Troop meetings are held every Monday evening from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the United Presbyterian Church at 5905 Stonewall Street, Greenville TX 75402.  The first portion of each meeting is designated for troop planning and inter-patrol activity, with the second hour reserved for individual and group advancement.

Planning and Activity time involves an opening ceremony, necessary paperwork, camp out planning, announcements, skills practice and games. Often scouting skills and games are combined, producing a fun alternative to classroom style learning. When the troop breaks for classes, younger scouts go with older boys to begin learning the basic skills which will help them on the road to Eagle Scout, while those more advanced scouts either teach skills to younger boys or attend merit badge classes.

Junior Leadership: A Key to Success

Troop 322 is run by the boys themselves, under the supervision of dedicated adults. Every six months an election is held to select the leaders for the next term. Offices such as Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, Scribe, and Quartermaster are elected positions with specific duties to be carried out by the boys. Other offices such as Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader help the troop leaders carry out their required duties. And still other troop positions such as Historian, Librarian, Instructor, and Recruiter are appointed by the Scoutmasters and Patrol Leaders Council.

The junior leadership present within Troop 322 serves many functions. It teaches boys about responsibility and commitment. The officers learn to respect all scouts for their talents and abilities, while working to improve weaknesses, and the troop learns the importance of respect for authority.

All work is done by the scouts, and they reap all the rewards. The advantages of junior leadership can be seen in the success of each and every scout.

The Camping Troop

Troop 322 has become known as the camping troop for good reason. The scouts participate in a year round camping program which includes one camp out every month, a summer camp, and frequent visits to camporees. This provides boys with an excellent experience as well as frequent opportunities to view nature and build camaraderie with other boys.

The Road To Eagle

The rank of Eagle Scout is the highest rung on the scouting ladder which a boy may attain. Troop 322 has an excellent history of producing multiple eagle scouts every year for over 30 years. The reason for this success is the constant presence of instructors and guest speakers at scouting functions to aid each boy in attaining the next step along the way.

But What Do We Actually Learn?

The knowledge and experience gained by participation in a good scouting program are immeasurable. Instructors and speakers from all walks of life come to meetings to share and teach. Practical knowledge such as accounting and family life are taught, as well as scout skills such as wilderness survival and pioneering. Of course, fun is never left out!

What If I Just Want To Have Fun?

The boys of 322 combine fun with learning! In the past the troop has made several Trips such as to Philmont Scout Ranch also provide a chance for the boys to kick back and enjoy themselves. Any boy in the troop will tell you that 322 is the place to be for fun! Even educational trips are fun! Like the hikes in Austin to Visit the State Capital.

History of Troop 322

Established  in the 1960’s met in the Grace Presbyterian Church in Greenville.   Troop 322 is one of the oldest Troops in Greenville, The troop went inactive in the early 70’s an was reorganized in 1979.  The troop meets now at the United Presbyterian Church on Stonewall Street.  Troop 322 currently has 20 Scouts and a large number of registered adult leaders.

We have a yearly program on a 4 year cycle. Every year we attend the Council/District Camporee. We support the Circle 10 Scout Camps at least once a year and whenever we camp there.  There is one survival camp out, and a educational or fun trip. Every summer the troop will attend summer camp and have a major trip. The summer camps may be at Camp Constantin,  Camp Cherokee, James Ray, or out of council. The major trips could be a canoe trip, trip to Vicksburg, The National Jamboree, or Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico for a 60 mile hike.


Scoutmaster Greg Wooster 903-217-5993
Assistant Scoutmaster Tracy Lindsey 903-268-2566
Committee Chair, Rick Jacques 972-635-2590
United Presbyterian Church 903-455-1370
Boy Scouts of America , Circle 10 Council Office 214-902-6700