Welcome to the homepage of
Boy Scout Troop 322 in Greenville Texas.

 Thank you to our Charter Organization!!!  United Presbyterian Church, 5905 Stonewall St, Greenville, TX 75402.


                                        THE CALENDAR IS ON THIS PAGE BELOW THE NOTICES boy_scout_starting_campfire_lg_wht
                                     Troop leadership team:

                                   *SPL: Josh Allen
                                   *ASPL: Matthew Sundeen
                                      *Quartermaster:  Cole Hahn
                                   *Vikings PL: Cole Hahn
*Anaconda PL: Matthew Sundeen
*Crescent Rose PL: TJ O’Brien
*Webmaster: TJ O’Brien


September 16th – Rally Around Greenville Bike Race

Meet at Service 1st Credit Union at 0800. Finish around 1400.

September 18th – Joshua’s Eagle Scout Project prep. Sand Boards and waterproofing.

Do not wear your good cloths!

September 23rd – Complete Joshua’s Eagle Scout Project at the Church

Be there at 10 am.

September 25th – Finish the Canoeing MB for troop time. Patrol time will be working on Personal Management MB. ** Get to know ScoutBook!**

October 2nd – Finish the Traffic Safety MB.

October 9th – Finish the fingerprinting MB. *** SUMMER CAMP 2017 discussion ***

October 16th – Finish the Scouting Heritage MB. *** Winter Camp 2017 discussions ***

October 23rd – Prep for Fall Camporee (not positive of the date yet).

October 30th – C of H. ** RECHARTER ** discussions!

November 6th – PLC Meeting

For online registration, follow this link or use the QR code! https://my.bsa.us/571taa0322mb

ANNUAL BSA MEMBERSHIP FEE: $24 in December (add $12 for Boys’ Life magazine)